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I've been doing tech "stuff" forever and when I travel I like my gadgets with me. These are some tips that might make your travel easier from things I've learned.

Monster Power Outlets To Go

I had never seen these before so I had to try one. It’s the Monster Outlets To Go mini-power strip with a very short extension cord. It’s got 3-prong outlets on the the front and back (spaced far enough apart … Continue reading

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Read the Newspaper Before You Go

If you can read this, then you probably have access to the Internet. Before you travel you might consider getting on-line and reading the local newspaper of your destination to find out more about the area. This may also let … Continue reading

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Sharing Power Outlets

When you’re traveling you never know where there might or might not be enough power outlets. Things to have with you: A small extension cord because if you’re going to want to plug in, it might be in an inconvenient … Continue reading

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Skype for Phoning Home to a Phone

So I’ve always liked Skype it’s a great backup for my cell phone and it’s great for calling home when I’m on vacation but you’ve got to have a computer of some sort to use it. At 2.3 cents per … Continue reading

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Finding Electrical Outlets

Where can you find electrical outlets to power your gadgets? First of all, make sure they are fully charged before you leave and if you have spare battery, make sure it’s charged too. Trains: Many train cars have electrical outlets … Continue reading

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Internet Access in Hotels (and other lodgings)

Accessing the internet in hotels Continue reading

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Internet Access at the Airport

Access at airports can vary. It seems to me that in the US they want to charge you but many airports offer ways to connect if you are already a customer of A&T, T-mobile or some other similar service. When … Continue reading

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Getting Through Airport Security

I travel with so much junk in my carry on luggage I’m always surprised that I don’t get stopped more. I’ve got wires, cables, cameras, chargers, batteries, cell phones, a laptop, wires and who knows what else but the fact … Continue reading

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What Not to do at the Airport

When you’re waiting at customs or immigration, do not talk on the phone! They’ll warn you of this over and over and yet people still get yelled at for this. You shouldn’t take pictures in the secure areas either. This … Continue reading

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Internet Access While Traveling

Everyone has access to the Internet while they travel, it just not might be as convenient as it is where they are used to. These days Internet cafes are everywhere you just don’t know what they might be offering. You’re … Continue reading

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Using the ATM Machine While Traveling

When you travel to foreign countries you almost always have to have cash converted to local. I’ve always had great results with using ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines). My experience with ATMs anywhere world wide (England, Costa Rica and Prague) has … Continue reading

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The Security Backpack – DaySafe 100 by PacSafe – Review

Here was my mission: I was looking for something so I could go hiking or walking along the beach. But I want to have my camera with me, but when I go swimming (or something where I need to put … Continue reading

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Welcome to!

Welcome! We’ll be talking about traveling with technology. The pros and cons plus what not to forget when you travel around the world with technology. We’ll probably have some non-tech tips too…

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