Read the Newspaper Before You Go

If you can read this, then you probably have access to the Internet. Before you travel you might consider getting on-line and reading the local newspaper of your destination to find out more about the area. This may also let you find out about any local events that you might miss out on once you get there.

Some newspapers may require a subscription fee to view on-line, some may let you download a PDF of the newspaper and some may actually let you subscribe to a paper edition mailed to your home.

Many non-English speaking countries have newspapers in a non-native language. These may only be weekly papers and may cover news / events or may be just focused on entertainment.

If you don’t have have access to the Internet check out your local bookstore, many carry newspapers from around the country and around the world and you can read what’s happening there the old fashioned way…

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I've been doing tech "stuff" forever and when I travel I like my gadgets with me. These are some tips that might make your travel easier from things I've learned.
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