Monster Power Outlets To Go

I had never seen these before so I had to try one. It’s the Monster Outlets To Go mini-power strip with a very short extension cord. It’s got 3-prong outlets on the the front and back (spaced far enough apart for power adaptors) with a resettable circuit breaker. Very nice and compact!

They also make 3, 4 and 6 outlet versions. Colors vary by white, silver and black. I’ve spotted prices from $11-23 on the various sizes on-line (I think retail is $15-$30). The power cord wraps perfectly around it and plus into itself, not messy at all. Seemed very well built and durable.I had to decide between the 3 or the 4 outlets and decided on the 3 outlet version, I’m sure the 4 outlets wouldn’t have been much bigger. That’s the 3 outlet version in the photo, the third outlet is on the back!

My only concern is forgetting it behind a desk in a hotel room.

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