Internet Access While Traveling

Everyone has access to the Internet while they travel, it just not might be as convenient as it is where they are used to.

These days Internet cafes are everywhere you just don’t know what they might be offering. You’re not really sure how fast they’ll be (either the computers or the internet speed). They might have wireless, they might not. Never assume…

Costa Rica: I just got back from Costa Rica (December 2007) and in one of the (very) small towns the Internet cafes were just a phone line (or two) for a cafe with a 1/2 dozen computers (or more). The Internet crawled so much I thought something in my brain was going to burst. Other towns in Costa Rica were fine, some kind of cable or satellite wherever you go. I think just about every in Costa Rica was a little less than $2.50 a hour.

Egypt: High speed everywhere I went, most places didn’t have wireless but were willing to let you plug in your laptop. If you went where the locals went I think it was pretty cheap, but in a hotel or a tourist area they’d usually charge you quite a bit.

England: It seems to me it’s always expensive at most places that I looked. I rarely saw free places to access the internet (other than open access points).

United States: These days I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to a place that has internet, but doesn’t have wireless. Many coffee shops are free, some are not, you just have to ask.

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I've been doing tech "stuff" forever and when I travel I like my gadgets with me. These are some tips that might make your travel easier from things I've learned.
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