Sharing Power Outlets

When you’re traveling you never know where there might or might not be enough power outlets. Things to have with you:

  • A small extension cord because if you’re going to want to plug in, it might be in an inconvenient spot.
  • If your plug for your equipment has 3 prongs (like in the US), be sure to bring an adaptor to convert to two prongs.
  • If you’re going to bring the above items (and you should) bring a splitter/adaptor (like a mini power strip) to plug in more than one item at a time. If the outlet you need is being used by other people, you’re out of luck, but they’ll probably let you plug in an splitter since you have a way to share.┬áThese days, many electronics chargers work in the a range of 110-220 volts, so generally if you are in a foreign country all you need is the little plug adaptor. So you might not need to carry those heavy transformers when traveling, just the tiny little adaptor may be enough (I don’t even own one of those heavy 220/110 converters). Be sure to check your electronics charger to make sure, it should saw right on the adaptor (in really small print).If you’ve got a splitter/adaptor/power-strip, then you may only need one foreign power plug adaptor to plug in to the splitter and then plug the items into the splitter. This way you can plug in multiple items from you.r country with only one foreign adaptor (this may or may not be recommended, be sure to check your user’s manual)If you can get a USB charging cable for your device and you have your laptop, you can leave the charger at home. Just charge your device while the computer is plugged in and it’s a lot less for you to carry.
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