Getting Through Airport Security

I travel with so much junk in my carry on luggage I’m always surprised that I don’t get stopped more. I’ve got wires, cables, cameras, chargers, batteries, cell phones, a laptop, wires and who knows what else but the fact that they don’t freak out when I go through security always surprises (and worries) me.

Security_screening.jpgGenerally, security still wants you to put your laptop in the x-ray machine separate from the rest of your carry on luggage but they don’t ask me to turn it on for them anymore, they used to. So be prepared for this, since you’re probably removing your belt, shoes, change and cell phone from your pockets at the same time some times it’s tricky to handle it all at the same time.

They may ask you to turn items on so make sure they are all charged (or that you can plug them in if needed).

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I've been doing tech "stuff" forever and when I travel I like my gadgets with me. These are some tips that might make your travel easier from things I've learned.
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