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Technology related concerns/tips for the the airport and in the air.

Internet Access at the Airport

Access at airports can vary. It seems to me that in the US they want to charge you but many airports offer ways to connect if you are already a customer of A&T, T-mobile or some other similar service. When … Continue reading

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Getting Through Airport Security

I travel with so much junk in my carry on luggage I’m always surprised that I don’t get stopped more. I’ve got wires, cables, cameras, chargers, batteries, cell phones, a laptop, wires and who knows what else but the fact … Continue reading

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What Not to do at the Airport

When you’re waiting at customs or immigration, do not talk on the phone! They’ll warn you of this over and over and yet people still get yelled at for this. You shouldn’t take pictures in the secure areas either. This … Continue reading

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