The Security Backpack – DaySafe 100 by PacSafe – Review

Here was my mission: I was looking for something so I could go hiking or walking along the beach. But I want to have my camera with me, but when I go swimming (or something where I need to put my back down) I don’t want to leave my stuff unattended.

Daysafe Seethrough PoleSo what I had in mind was a smaller version of a military duffle bag (that really thick/tough canvas material) that you could somehow clasp at the top and lock it to a tree. Yeah, someone could cut through it, but they couldn’t just grab it and run (and they’d have to work at it).

What I found was the PacSafe DaySafe 100 Security Backpack, it’s way better than what I was looking for, it’s two (2) things in one.

The first is a backpack made for security, the zippers can be latched so someone can’t easily open it while you’re just walking down the street (the latches are hidden and hard to get to) and like a lot of luggage and you can (optionally) lock the zippers. It’s really comfortable too! Part of the main bag is slash-proof, it’s got a metal screen in the material, so someone can’t cut it to get stuff out while you’re wearing it. Plus, one of the straps is detachable and latchable so while you’re sitting there someone can’t just grab your bag if you’ve attached it to the table you’re eating at (this doesn’t work if you leave it unattended). It’s also got a few other options that they have to make it harder for someone to casually grab things from it. It pretty much looks like a regular backpack, it’s supposed to, they don’t want people to know you’ve got good stuff in it.

The second thing (and this is the important part) is that it is a DaySafe (they sell this as a separate product), the DaySafe is pretty much a small tote bag (17 liters) made completely out of the material with the steel built into it (eXomesh®). The drawstring is a metal cable that latches and locks (included with 3 keys) and is pretty secure. If you take the cable and wrap it around a tree (or a stationary object in your hotel room or rental car) before you lock it, it becomes pretty hard for someone to just grab your stuff and run.

The Daysafe is large enough to fit my 12 inch Powerbook laptop (with spare battery and charger), video camera, SLR camera, sound canceling headphones, iPod, small digital camera and other accessories and still seal up with room to spare.The safe fits inside the backpack perfectly and there is a special hole for the cable to secure the backpack too (the stuff in outer pockets would be at risk). I wouldn’t leave my stuff locked to a tree all day but for the bit that I want to go in the water at the beach (I stay mostly in sight of my stuff) it’s perfect..

ExomeshinsertOr if I hike up into the hills to a waterfall, I can both take pictures and video and then go for a swim and not be too paranoid about my stuff. This would also be great if you need to leave your bag at the hotel because you’re too early to check in or need to leave your stuff because you have to check out but your flight isn’t for hours and you’re leaving luggage at the hotel for a while. You could just seal the bag up inside or even attach it to your bigger bag.

I also use it to just lock my stuff in my hotel room when I’m out and about (or lock stuff in the car). I attach it to the bed or a big chair so it’d be hard for someone to walk off with it and impossible to get in it unless they were prepared. Be sure not to have the bag locked while going through airport security, it’s pretty quick to use when you get used to it, but trying to juggle that and your shoes and belt might be a little tricky.

At their site you can see more of the PacSafe DaySafe 100 security features.

UPDATE: The’ve updated and renamed these backpacks to “UltimateSafe” and they sell the inserts separately which are called “TravelSafe” both are by Pacsafe.

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7 Responses to The Security Backpack – DaySafe 100 by PacSafe – Review

  1. new daysafe 100 user says:

    Highly recommended. Just bought one for a day bag to go on a world trip with. It is fantastic and very secure. I will usually leave the safe tote bag inside the main backpack to stop theives slashing your bag while you are walking about and stealing whatever falls out.

    However, it is also handy if you need to leave some stuff in your hotel room while you go out to eat and don’t want to carry the bag around with you. Will deter hotel staff and other theives looking for a quick score.

    I will ALWAYS use a concealed money belt though. I will not let my money or passport any further away from me than resting against my skin!

    It is also just a great backpack. Most comfortable bag I have ever worn.

    Just buy one!

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  3. Glenn says:

    The PacSafe Day Safe 100 is a great concept. I purchased one a few months ago (in 2008) and raved about how great it was to friends and fellow travellers -until BOTH outside zips on the bag started splitting open by themselves – less than 6 months after purchasing the bag. This suggests cheap zips and somewhat undermines the security value of the bag – particularly when you are walking in a dodgy area and the zips split open behind you without you knowing. I´ve owned other bags for years and never had this problem. Replacing zips is expensive and annoying. I wish Pacsafe would use better quality zips then they would have a good product. Unfortunately I can´t recommend this product.

  4. I sill love mine, so much that I’ve purchased several other PacSafe products since then.

    I do baby the backpack though since it was a $100+ investment. I don’t use that one much when I’m hiking, I’ll take the security insert out and use it with another bag when I’m hiking/swimming, but I keep the original backpack for airports and day travel around a city when I’m less apt to ruin it in the woods.

  5. dave says:

    I need something great to travel with and the reviews you wrote are very helpful. You guys are not affiliated with Pacsafe, are you?

  6. Gary says:

    No affiliation with PacSafe, just a fan. I think I own five PacSafe products now (this one, a very small version of the DaySafe, camera strap, the DuffelSafe, and the large ExoMesh for a bag or backpack).

    I’ve had the DaySafe backpack for over three years now, it’s been to Costa Rica a half-dozen times, England, Wales, Florida and who knows where else, but it’s held up fine for me.

  7. Flash Pack says:

    I’m currently flashpacking around the world, and I’m travel gadget crazy, so love the blog. I need a backpack for all the technology I hike around with me and this looks great. My favourite travel gadget for 2012, which is very adaptable when visiting lots of different countries on one trips, is my MiFi.

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