Using the ATM Machine While Traveling

AtmiconsWhen you travel to foreign countries you almost always have to have cash converted to local. I’ve always had great results with using ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines). My experience with ATMs anywhere world wide (England, Costa Rica and Prague) has always been that the ATM has been perfect for a good exchange rate. and payed minimal fees (on the exchange rate and the regular ATM fee).

The only fee I used to get for using an ATM card was $-1.00 (this is at my Credit Union) but recently I’ve been getting an additional fee about 0.8% (but the bank told me it’d be more). Either way, it’s cheaper than any of the exchange places.
Make sure you know what networks your ATM card uses, many times the networks they used when you got the card have changed, they should be able to tell you on the phone on on their web site.

Recommendation: Tell the bank before you go that you’ll be traveling internationally! This way they don’t freak out on all the above average withdrawals from a foreign country and cut it off. My bank lets me input it on a special form on-line but previously I just called them or sent an on-line message.

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  1. Gary Arndt says:

    The only place I’ve not been able to use a Visa ATM is on Easter Island. The only ATM on the island only took Master Card.

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